Map GenAI opportunities with Discovery Workshop

Get an overview of the latest technologies and map out the opportunities GenAI unlocks for your business.

Example structure

  1. Due Diligence: We go through your needs for the workshop and prepare the agenda.
  2. Workshop Session #1: We go through the possibilities and examples of Generative AI in your field of business and learn about your pain points and possiblities.
  3. Workshop Session #2: We ideate viable solutions & opportunities for your business.
  4. Final Report: We deliver a report with the workshop findings and recommendations, usually accompanied with concept designs and technical outlines.

Build Your AI Roadmap & Understanding

Our Discovery Workshop aims to familiarize your team with opportunities generative AI is unlocking. We'll also help pinpoint the most promising use cases to develop clear next steps and requirements. Get in touch to customize the workshop for your organization.

Advantages of Discovery Workshop

Expand knowledge

Broaden your team's understanding of GenAI technologies.

Expert ldeation

Benefit from guided brainstorming by industry experts.

Understand possibilities

Discover the potential applications of GenAI in your field.

Focus on right use cases

Identify and prioritize the most valuable GenAI opportunities for your business.