We design & build applied generative AI solutions.

We help you take your GenAI solutions from discovery to production.

Elevate your GenAI solutions with our expertise

Discover Opportunities

Learn what opportunities GenAI unlocks for your business and plan your development roadmap with us.

Prototype & Validate

Test, validate and iterate your GenAI ideas to choose the right path forward.

Product Design

We build high quality user-focused GenAI solutions that meet your business objectives.

Product Development

We develop your solutions using the best technologies & models for the task to create high-perfoming products.


Roll out your GenAI solutions and make sure they operate smoothly and add value.


Maintain a feedback loop to continually refine and enhance your GenAI solutions.

Get started with Intentface Sprint

Intentface sprint is a GenAI focused design sprint where we go through your organization needs and opportunities for productive use of generative AI technologies. We can then create a prototype, a proof of concept, or a roadmap to ignite your generative AI journey. Most sprints turn into long-term partnerships.

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