Boost your generative AI efforts with Intentface Sprint

A focused program that helps you learn, discover opportunities and transforms your vision into actionable insights and prototypes.

Example structure

  1. Pre-Call: We go through your needs for the sprint and scope objectives.
  2. Discovery Workshop: Exploration of problems and concepts & roadmap planning with everyone involved.
  3. Prototyping Phase (1-3 weeks): The Intentface team iteratively builds solutions based on selected problems and communicates with you regularly.
  4. Sprint Review: Presentation of prototypes, deliverables, and next steps with everyone involved.

Flexible and Adaptive to Your Needs

Whether you're an organization taking your first steps into the world of AI, or a more advanced team looking for solution-oriented approaches, the Intentface Sprint can be tailored to meet your unique challenges.

No-risk policy: If we can't identify a viable path forward for your business, you won't be billed for the full project.

No vendor-locking: While we're able to take the concept all the way to production with you, you're not bound to continue with us after the sprint.

Choose your involvement: We can work independently or closely with your team, depending on your preference.

Most of our long terms partnerships have started with a single sprint

Contact us to discuss how we can adapt the Intentface Sprint for your organization's needs.

10 Advantages of an Intentface Sprint

Rapid Ideation

Fast-track your innovation cycle with immediate exploration of tailored solutions.

Informed Decision-Making

Vet various technologies and approaches, ensuring smart investments.

Tangible Prototypes

Exit the sprint with proof-of-concept examples, roadmap plans, or other materials ready for internal pitches or next development phases.

Risk Mitigation

Validate ideas and technologies quickly, reducing overall project risk.

Agile Response

Adapt swiftly to market changes, using the sprint for real-time problem-solving.

Immediate ROI

Achieve quick returns through a highly focused process.

Vendor Independence

Enjoy the freedom to proceed with us or explore options with other service providers.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Foster collaboration and break down silos by bringing together different departments and expertise within your organization.

Expert-Led Ideation

Empower your team with new skills and insights into generative AI, guided by industry experts.

Innovative Thinking

Challenge the status quo and spark innovation with outside-the-box thinking and expertise.